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R/C Car Parts and Accessories
R/C Accessories

Designed by: Maurice Naragon /

Aftershock Funny Car Kits

The Aftershock Funny Car Kit is now available. Grand Motorsports’ Aftershock kits are the most adjustable, complete competition-level nitro drag kits available today, and include many exclusive high-end features as standard equipment:

  • Center-weighted engine / two-speed location for optimum chassis balance
  • Modular all-Aluminum / Graphite chassis construction.
  • Easily Adjustable belt tension
  • Graphite Vented Brake Disc
  • Aluminum front 18T pulley/Composite rear 40T pulley
  • Choice of Titanium 6mm 2-speed shaft / single-speed 5mm shaft w/44T spur gear
  • Adjustable rear axle ride height
  • Adjustable wheelbase to fit RAE, ProtoForm, or RSP Bodies
  • Graphite rear body mount “struts”
  • Pivoting Rear Body mount for Flip-top capability
  • Composite 1.5” front Wheels
  • One Ounce Fuel Tank • TM 1.5” wide, 3.25” tall Nitro Foams
  • Complete detailed Instructions  

12.625 to 13.625 inches (adjustable)
Front Track Width
4.35 inches
Rear Track width
5.00 inches
Aluminum parts
6061 blue anodized aluminum
Rolling Chassis (kit components) weight


#4305 (w/5mm Shaft, single speed spur gear)
#4306 (w/titanium 6mm 2-Speed shaft)

List $759
Online price $469

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GMS 14 Kit

NEW:The GMS14 Kit includes a super light chassis that incorporates a brace designed to provide a strong platform at a reduced total weight. Included in the kit are superlight hollow front axle, rear axle, lightweight steering components, and lightweight rear hubs that keep rotating mass to a minimum. Completing this kit are super strong front 1.5 inch rims, rear 12th scale foam tires, bearings, body posts, hardware, and full instructions. 

12.5 to 13.5 inches
Number of cells
2 to 4 LiPo cells
Weight (rolling chassis minus body and electronics)
7.8 oz.
Front rims
1.5 inch diameter with o-rings
Rear tires
2.5 inch diameter soft foam mounted on 12th scale rims
Chassis material
.093 inch graphite weave with center brace
Chassis will accept many types of Funny Car bodies. Kit does not include body
Track width
4.5 F / 6.0 R inches
Aluminum parts
6061 blue anodized aluminum
Rear Suspension
Solid, no T-Bar


GMS14 Funny Car #1900
(does not include body)

List $309
Online price $215

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