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Designed by: Maurice Naragon /

AfterShock Dragster

GMS Dragster Kit

The Dragster Kit includes a super light chassis and brace. The most interesting and unique point of the kit is the front axle, which has been specially designed and engineered for the lowest front-end steering weight possible. As with all of our drag kits, the Dragster includes super light components to keep weight down and eliminated the need to upgrade. Rear foams, front rims, hardware, and full instructions are all standard, as well.

23.75 to 25 inches
Number of cells
2 to 4 LiPo cells
Weight (rolling chassis minus body and electronics)
8.2 oz.
Front rims
1.5 inch diameter with o-rings
Rear tires
2.5 inch diameter soft foam mounted on 12th scale rims
Chassis material
.093 inch graphite weave with center brace
Chassis will accept Top Fuel Body. Kit does not include body
Track width
3.0 F / 6.0 R inches
Aluminum parts
6061 blue anodized aluminum
Rear Suspension
Solid, no T-Bar

GMS Dragster #1000
(does not include body)

List $309
Online price $215

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