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 About Grand Motorsports:
Grand Motorsports was founded in 1993 by Roy Anderson. The main goal of the company was to create new products to help radio controlled car owners improve the performance of their cars. He continuously evolved and refined all the Grand Motorsports drag car kits over the years with the concerns of the racer in mind: the highest quality, convenience, performance, tuning ability, and value for the dollar. Today, Grand Motorsports cars are the most successful line of electric drag racing cars on the market, with over ten IEDA world championships and dozens of national event wins to their credit.

In 1995 Roy purchased a motor business and proceeded to win the NORRCA Dirt Oval Nationals, placed in the A main at regional ROAR events, and sweep several IEDA drag racing championships. His motors also hold many current national IEDA elapsed time and speed records. Recently, Roy launched another company, RAE (Roy Anderson Engineering, <> ) to concentrate on the motor business and to offer his talents in product design to the entire radio control industry.

In March 2005, Roy sold Grand Motorsports to me, a long-time RC drag racer who was relocating back to my native Midwest. For the past seven years, I served as the head of marketing and promotions for Team Associated, as well as being a contributing writer for many of the major RC magazines. I understand the needs of the RC drag racing community, and look forward to introducing many new, exciting products in the upcoming months.

I believe we have the quickest, the fastest, and the coolest looking cars in all of radio control, and will be continuously looking for new ways to bring this envelope-pushing hobby/sport to the awareness of the greater public.

Thank you for making Grand Motorsports the number one choice of the fastest and quickest RC racers in the world!

Michael R. Ogle

Grand Motorsports

 Contact Information

Grand Motorsports
P.O. Box 556
Mount Vernon, Illinois 62864

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